Forthcoming Releases I – Joyvrie

We’ve previewed aspects of our Joyvrie project here previously.  If our readers remember, this design is inspired by some rather appealing lettering on a Grocer’s blackboard.  It’s now nearing release, so here’s a sampling of Joyvrie in action:

Joyvrie_Gallery1 Joyvrie_Gallery2 Joyvrie_Gallery3 Joyvrie_Gallery4 Joyvrie_Gallery5 Joyvrie_Gallery6Joyvrie_Gallery7Joyvrie_Gallery8


Bonaventure in Action

Here are a few sample images of our recently released Bonaventure family in use.  The family is currently discounted by 30% on

Arkwright and Bonaventure Released

W e’re pleased to announce that Arkwright and Bonaventure are now released at a 30% introductory discount on

Coming Attractions

Here are some samples of our next two releases in action:


Bonaventure is a Roman display family full of the spirit of the Art Nouveau era, and joins our popular related group of families which also includes Bonning, Bonnington and BonaVia.  Three weights will be offered, including a shadowed black form, in a choice of three widths: regular, condensed and Expanded.  It’s the ideal family for signage with a period feel, as well as for posters, headings and certificates.  A combination of Bonaventure with Bonning and its other related faces will bring a harmonious design ethos to any project.


Arkwright, named for a well known fictional shopkeeper who kept his shop open all hours is inspired by traditional British (and transatlantic) shop signage.  It is a spiritual companion and ideal companion to our more elaborate Granville family.  Arkwright is offered in Regular and bold weights and a more decorative ‘Grand’ form.  These faces are especially suitable for posters, period advertising, Chapter headings and signage.

Three New Releases

Bertoni, “Pardon Me Boy!” and Woodruff -already previewed on our blog- have now been released on