A Jolly Good Read!

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We can’t recommend Keith Houston’s “Shady Characters” highly enough!  It’s a jolly good read, either in blog or book form…  His blog can be accessed here, while the book’s details are:

Shady Characters: Ampersands, Interrobangs and other Typographical Curiosities 
Keith Houston
Particular Books (26 Sep 2013)

Showcasing Bronzetti

Out letterpress Roman family, Bronzetti, is currently offered on myfonts.com at a 35% discount.  The Bronzetti family of 22 text typefaces combines modern requirements for legibility and readability with the charm of traditional Roman faces in the spirit of those carefully constructed by small scale quality foundries such as the Kelmscott and Vale presses. In short, Bronzetti is traditional letterpress meets modern publishing, offering a real opportunity to make your material stand out from today’s ‘run of the mill’ crowd. The range of typefaces on offer includes five widths of type, as well as small capitals and italic forms and regular and bold weights.

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New Releases

Two of our new releases have just launched on Myfonts.com.

Belle Jardin

Belle Jardin is an Art Deco inspired display family of three typefaces,
offered in in-line engraved regular and demi old forms as well as a solid
bold form.  It offers upper and lower case solid slab-built forms that
create an immediate atmosphere of the streamline era of the thirties and
are also at home in post-war revival inspired design work.  The letterforms
are solidly legible and ideal for cover and poster inspired design work.



Lavery is a calligraphic display face, drawing its inspiration from the
designs of the early years of the 20th century.  It has an extensive range
of ligatures and other opentype features and a delightfully hand-drawn
feel.  Lavery combines a great deal of character with clear legibility and
a spirit of fun.



Showcasing Fitzgerald

Today we’re showcasing our Fitzgerald typeface.  Fitzgerald was originally inspired by the incised, gilt-finished lettering seen on a 19th century public house sign.  It has a lovely late Victorian feel, with more than a touch of that mock-oriental feel that was so beloved of our late 19th century forebears.

This collection is rather varied in it’s themes, cocoa (or drinking chocolate if you prefer), Turkish Delight (no doubt full of eastern promise) and a rather superior Gents’ outfitters…

Fitzgerald1 Fitzgerald2 Fitzgerald3

Typeface Spotting – Great Bromwich Seen ‘In the Wild’

We were pleased to see our Great Bromwich Regular typeface providing just the right keynote (we think) on Lucy Lethbridge’s book ‘Servants’, just published by Bloomsbury.  This looks a fascinating account of below stairs life in the early 20th century.


Black Letter Fantasy

Here’s the latest progress on Merrivaux.  We now have a full set o capital letterforms sketched out.  Merrivaux is not a revival of an historical blackletter, but a pure work of our own imagining.  There is also a deliberate family relationship to one of our earlier designs, the Roman display family Merrivale. We will report more progress in the near future…