Something Happening At Last!

Eurobia is a family of two typefaces – Regular and Plain.  They are display faces with a strongly European feel and a strong flavour of the 1920s. My suggestion would be to use them for poster or banner work, or packaging or cover design, with the heading text set in Eurasia Regular and subsidiary text set in Eurobia plain. 

Deco Metro Releases on


Deco Metro is a 1920s and 30s inspired display family, ideal for posters, banners, book covers and other promotional work. Two weights, regular (with an incised centre line) and bold (without the centre line) are offered. The family has an extensive range of features including discretionary ligatures, old-style numerals, Swash Letter and numeral forms, small capitals, Roman numerals and fractions.DecoMetro1DecoMetro4 DecoMetro2 DecoMetro3
DecoMetro5 DecoMetro6


Eight New Releases, Now on Myfonts – Part 6


Doge’s Delight is one of a set of four typefaces, the others being Doge’s Darker, Doge’s Banner and Doge’s Venezia. Together they make up a splendid family of Victorian inspired Tuscan faces, allowing for an integrated design approach.

Doge's_Delight_Gallery1 Doge's_Delight_Gallery2 Doge's_Delight_Gallery3 Doge's_Delight_Gallery4

Some Test Pieces with Merrivaux

Here are a few of our test pieces as we tried out the shortly to be released Merrivaux.  Hope our readers enjoy them.

Merrivaux_Gallery1 Merrivaux_Gallery2 Merrivaux_Gallery3 Merrivaux_Gallery4 Merrivaux_Gallery4A

New Releases 2 – Merrivale

Merrivale is now released on Myfonts.  Merrivale is an ideal example of the benefits of keeping ones eyes open- it was inspired by the gilt-finished raised lettering on a late Victorian shopsign in Melbourne, Australia. The family of seven faces include upper and lower case forms, small capitals, all capital forms, and flamboyant display forms.  Extensive Opentype features are incorporated. All faces are offered in incised forms inspired by the original lettering as well as in solid black filled forms.  Thsee typefaces are wonderful for signage where either a period air or a dignified but legible feel are required.  They also lend themselves to other display uses such as posters, book covers and so forth and are ideal for the title lines of certificates.

And Finally, Number 7…

We’re just putting the finishing touches to the final pair of typefaces in the Merrivale family, Merrivale No.7 and No.7 Solid.  Merrivale started several months ago, inspired by a sketch of some lettering on a vintage shop sign.  After a little final testing we’ll be sending the family off to our resellers along with other recent projects, Colliseo and Future Runes.

Meanwhile, here’s an example of the two faces in action…

…and here’s a sampler to put the whole Merrivale family in context.  Click on this preview to view a higher resolution image.  A myriad of variaions on a display theme, with ample scope for creative design work: