Something Else…

Here’s another of our previously started but unfinished projects…we find there are just too many good (we hope) ideas and not enough time to work on them all. We are trying to have a round of tidying up and finishing things off though.

We don’t actually think we’ve previewed this particular idea here before, but ‘Alfrere Banner’ is a masthead typeface designed to complement our existing ‘Alfrere Sans’ family.  The original Alfrere Sans family had a delightful industrial/streamline functional feel, which we feel we’ve preserved in this case.  Anyway, here’s a preview:



Pittsburgh Launches

Pittsburgh, the latest in our 1920s inspired ‘Industrial’ typefaces has just launched.  You can try it out on Myfonts and Fontspring.  Meanwhile, here are a couple of examples of Pittsburgh in use.



Two New Releases Dispatched!

We’ve just dispatched our two newest completed releases to our resellers so they should appear in the next week or so.  The two releases in question are Chubbly and Pittsburgh.  Here are a few words about, and samples of, of each of them.


The Chubbly family started life as an alphabet for an illustrated children’s book.  These big, chubby and friendly letterforms are easy to read and have a sense of fun about them.  They’re ideal where simple eye-catching geometric letterforms are required, for posters, signs and advertising with a sense of fun.  The family consists of six faces: Regular, Bold, Italic, Italic Bold, Outline and Outline 2.  Somehow Chubbly seems to lend itself particularly to advertising confectionary…


Pittsburgh is the latest (as at August 2011) in a range of inter-war American inspired commercial faces, and takes its place alongside the popular Bettendorff and the Spargo family.  These shaded stab-serif capitals speak of the heyday of heavy manufacture and engineering and bring a gritty feel of the 20s and 30s to any project. Why not indulge in a little heavy engineering today?