Rotham Industria in Use

Rotham Industria. Stylised lettering for industrial flavoured projects.  Imagine, if you will, letters shaped from metal tube, or perhaps from a solid rod, or perhaps made from brass handrails?  You get the idea. A stylised and fun typeface for those occasions where you want to suggest an engineering influence.

Something Else…

Here’s another of our previously started but unfinished projects…we find there are just too many good (we hope) ideas and not enough time to work on them all. We are trying to have a round of tidying up and finishing things off though.

We don’t actually think we’ve previewed this particular idea here before, but ‘Alfrere Banner’ is a masthead typeface designed to complement our existing ‘Alfrere Sans’ family.  The original Alfrere Sans family had a delightful industrial/streamline functional feel, which we feel we’ve preserved in this case.  Anyway, here’s a preview:



Pittsburgh Launches

Pittsburgh, the latest in our 1920s inspired ‘Industrial’ typefaces has just launched.  You can try it out on Myfonts and Fontspring.  Meanwhile, here are a couple of examples of Pittsburgh in use.