Lavery Test Pieces, Part 1

We’re about to release Lavery and as usual, we’ve been testing it with a sampling of design work.  Here are some of the results, as we explore the realms of cosmetics, cocoa and throat-sweets.

Lavery_Gallery2 Lavery_Gallery3 Lavery_Gallery4

Just About Finished…..Lavery

One of our clients told us they had a project in which they particularly wanted to use our forthcoming Lavery typeface, but that they needed it in a hurry.  Thus all our available time lately has gone into getting this project finished off.

Lavery is a display face with calligraphic design elements lending a lovely hand-drawn feel.  There are uncial and Celtic elements in its design, plus a good dose of our own imagination.  It incorporates an extensive range of ligatures and old-style as well as lining numerals.

Now to get back to ‘Henrecian’ and other projects that we have on the go, including Fanshawe…