Stylistic Alternates…

Nationale is one of our current projects, inspires by the lettering of early 20th century she scrip.  Regular readers here, or indeed users of our typefaces will be aware we have a certain fondness for including stylistic alternates in our typefaces.  National will however be something of a first for us, in having a stylistic alternate for each upper and lower case member of the alphabet…


Well, It’s Mock Tudor…

Taking our creative license well and truly in hand, we’ve progressed our Henry VIII project significantly.  Still a lot of work to do of course, but there’s now a full set of rather charming (I think), but entirely fabricated, lower case letter forms.  The text used here, solely for illustrative purposes, is with due acknowledgement to ‘Wikipedia’…

Henry VII_Gallery1

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Capital Fun

Here are some designs using Capital Letter Forms from our ‘Bourne Rounded’ typeface.  They all have a damp foggy theme about them, rather reminiscent of the view through our window today, as well as a London theme, which is not so reflective of anything outside our windows…. anyway, button up your overcoat, pop up that umbrella and enjoy them!


New Releases

Two of our new releases have just launched on

Belle Jardin

Belle Jardin is an Art Deco inspired display family of three typefaces,
offered in in-line engraved regular and demi old forms as well as a solid
bold form.  It offers upper and lower case solid slab-built forms that
create an immediate atmosphere of the streamline era of the thirties and
are also at home in post-war revival inspired design work.  The letterforms
are solidly legible and ideal for cover and poster inspired design work.



Lavery is a calligraphic display face, drawing its inspiration from the
designs of the early years of the 20th century.  It has an extensive range
of ligatures and other opentype features and a delightfully hand-drawn
feel.  Lavery combines a great deal of character with clear legibility and
a spirit of fun.



Further Thoughts On Henrecian

Here’s the latest stage in the development of our ‘mock-Tudor’ Henrecian font.  You’ll see it now includes upper and lower case letter forms, as well as small and petite capitals.  The upper case forms have changed substantially in the light of feedback received.

We’re still debating whether the Small and petite Capital forms should be provided as separate typefaces, or as Opentype features within a single typeface.  At this stage we’re inclining towards the former, if only because of a dearth of applications with support for the Petite capitals feature, but we’d love to hear people’s views…


Further Developments Upon an Art Deco Theme

We’ve now had the opportunity to do some more work upon our ‘Belle Jardin’ project and to refine the letterforms developed so far in the light of our own further reflection and feedback received.  This Art Deco inspired project seems to have attracted quite a lot of interest, so we’re moving it to the head of our development queue.

Here’s a more recent sampler, showing upper and lower case letter forms as well as an extensive range of stylistic alternates.  Have fun spotting the differences and just where things have evolved! 🙂

Do let us know your thoughts…

Belle_Jardin-1 Belle_Jardin-2



‘Baldione’ Completed


We’ve now completed our ‘blobby’ didone project, after client feedback.  We’ve settled on the name “Baldione”-thanks F.Harvell for the suggestion.  The finished typeface has a wealth of stylistic alternate forms and ligatures-a sampling appears above.  We will publish some samples of the typeface ‘in action’ in the next day or so and hope to sen it off for release in the next week or so.

Return of the Blobs!

We’ve developed our blobby idea a little further-here are sketches for glyphs comprising a full upper and lower case alphabets.  We’d be happy to have any suggestions for a name or feedback on this experimental design…