Wolverhampton Offered at a 35% Introductory Discount

For a short time we’re offering Wolverhampton, our new Victorian inspired family, at a 35% discount on Myfonts. Click on the banner below to explore:

Wolverhampton Released

Wolverhampton, our new Neo-Victorian family of three faces has now released on Fontspring and Myfonts.  Here are a few more examples of the three typeface-Regular, Small Capitals and Capitals-in action, but do visit our resellers and try them out for yourself.

Wolverhampton Dispatched

We’ve just dispatched Wolverhampton to our resellers so it should start to be available in the next week or so.  In the meantime we thought we’d give you some more formal information about it and show you some examples of the three families in combination together.

Wolverhampton is a new Neo-Victorian face from Greater Albion Typefounders.  It’s something of an example of starting with a small idea and running with it.  This family of three typefaces (Regular, Small Capitals and Capitals) was inspired by a line of lettering seen on a late 19th Century enamel advertisement made by Chromo of Wolverhampton (hence the family name).  The family grew, topsy-like, from a recreation of these initial fifteen capital letterforms to the three complete typefaces offered here.  The three typefaces are ideal for advertising and poster work with a Victorian, Edwardian, or ‘Steam-punk‘ theme.  They would also be eminently suitable for signage inspired by the same eras or (as we’ve seen a number of our other typeface families prove very popular) for book covers of period related novels and historical works.  Finally, these slender elegant display faces are just plain fun!

Introductory Offer on Haymer

For a short time we’re offering Haymer at a 35% discount on Myfonts.com.  Click on the banner to try it out.

Haymer Now Released on Myfonts.com.

Here’s a bit of fun illustrating Haymer in action-the new model Morris Minor for 2010.  The full Haymer family of 18 faces is now also available through Myfonts.com.  The family includes one free fully licensed face, Haymer Petite Capitals light.

First Release of Haymer

Haymer has now been released on Fontspring in Opentype format and for on-line use.   Haymer stands at the apogee of legibility and clarity. Its design embodies symmetry, even stroke widths and a subtle rounded quality to give an instinctive appeal to the reader and to the designer. Haymer is modern yet characterful and is ideal for use as a text family, online and wherever instant easy readability is required.  An extensive family is offered, in four weights, regular and condensed widths, Lower case and capitals (small and petite) forms as well as display ‘Inline’ faces.

Release on Myfonts.com is also imminent, where the full Haymer family of eighteen faces will be offered in truetype and opentype formats.  Meanwhile here are a few more views of Haymer in action.