Progress on Flinscher

Here’s the latest progress on our Flinscher family, something of a hybrid between a script design and a black letter design.  We’re not sure if there is a great deal of academic justification for this sort of hybrid, except for experiments along similar lines in 19th century type founders catalogues, but we do find the results jolly pleasing.  More, of course, to follow.

Flinscher-2 Flinscher-3 Flinscher-4 Flinscher-5 Flinscher-6

Four Typeface Families Dispatched…

… to our resellers, at last!  Landsdowne Commercial, Wellmere Sans, Friendly Shaded Sans and Trivette have just been sent off this morning, so they should start to appear soon.  Now to think of the next projects…


Landsdowne-Commercial_Gallery17 Wellmere_Sans_Gallery15 Friendly_Shaded_Sans_Gallery8 Trivette_Gallery7