Flinscher Family Launched on Myfonts

Couldn’t resist that alliterative title!

The Flinscher family contains twenty display typefaces, in weights that vary from light to black, and widths that extend from condensed to expanded. The family’s design inspiration traces its roots to the early portion of the twentieth century.  In essence, it is a calligraphic script typeface family with blackletter influences. The letter forms are decorative and distinctive, yet clear and easy to read, and in use set up a regular rhythm that leads the eye from character to character.  The Flinscher typefaces are well suited to design work that needs to combine formality with fun.  Just the thing for a certificate or a book cover!

Why not experiment with it today?

Flinscher_Gallery18 Flinscher_Gallery19 Flinscher_Gallery20

Stylistic Alternates…

Nationale is one of our current projects, inspires by the lettering of early 20th century she scrip.  Regular readers here, or indeed users of our typefaces will be aware we have a certain fondness for including stylistic alternates in our typefaces.  National will however be something of a first for us, in having a stylistic alternate for each upper and lower case member of the alphabet…


Ringing the Changes…

The great virtue of the Stylistic Alternate feature (and indeed many other Opentype features) seems to be in making computer typesetting look hand-set, or indeed in some contexts hand drawn.

Here’s an example of stylistic alternates in action.  There are actually only two forms of each glyph used in this piece, but the sample text here embodies just a small selection of the endless permutations that might be typeset…


To Go Boldly…

We have now more or less completed the Bold weight of our ‘Landsdowne Commercial’ typeface.  Now the fun of testing the regular and bold faces, with our usual selection of reimagined ephemera starts.  Meanwhile, here’s a short sampling of the two typefaces.  Both faces include an extensive selection of ligatures, stylistic alternates, small capitals and old and lining numerals.




Progress, At Last…

It has been a quiet week on this site this week, which as usual denotes a busy week elsewhere drawing attention away from Greater Albion.  None the less, after several weeks there is some progress to report on one of our ongoing projects.  Landsdowne Commercial regular is nearing completion, and here’s a very small sampling of it in its current form.

Landsdowne-Commercial3As with all of our typefaces which have the word ‘Commericial’ in their name, this is an refined and enhanced rerelease of one of my earlier freeware typefaces.  A lot has changed and developed, including an extensive character set, a wide range of ligatures, as well as stylistic alternates and small capitals, but at it’s heart this remains the earlier Landsdowne design.  More previews soon…


Landsdowne Commercial Develops a Little Further

We talked about our “Landsdowne Commercial” project last week.  Things have moved on just a little since then.  Here’s a revised sampler, showing some thoughts on ligatures (of the typographic kind) and stylistic alternates.

I particularly enjoy adding touches such as these to Greater Albion’s designs – Opentype features are a wonderful way to make computerised typesetting resemble carefully handset work.  I suspect there is a philosophical question there – should that be the ultimate aim for today’s technology?  A question for further examination, perhaps.

Meanwhile, here’s the latest progress:


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