Testing Some More

Here are three more test pieces showing off the Henrecian family, as we refine our letterforms, spacing and kerning.  It’s interesting to note that a design like this, done in a deliberate ‘revival’ style, is equality at home in poster work inspired by many different periods- as we see here with a 1950s styled travel poster, a design inspired by the early days of motoring and a poster for the Royal York hotel in splendid 1930s style.

Henrician_Gallery4 Henrician_Gallery5 Henrician_Gallery6

Visiting Venice

In the spirit of the European Grand Tour, why not take a trip to Venice, as shown in these three posters, with typography using members of our Gondolieri family, which is discounted 40% as an introductory offer on Myfonts.com until the 22nd of this month….

Showcasing Merrivale.

Merrivale is an ideal example of the benefits of keeping ones eyes open- it was inspired by the gilt-finished raised lettering on a late Victorian shopsign in Melbourne, Australia.

The family of seven faces include upper and lower case forms, small capitals, all capital forms, and flamboyant display forms. Extensive Opentype features are incorporated. All faces are offered in incised forms inspired by the original lettering as well as in solid black filled forms. These typefaces are wonderful for signage where either a period air or a dignified but legible feel are required. They also lend themselves to other display uses such as posters, book covers and so forth and are ideal for the title lines of certificates.

Merrivale is available on Myfonts and Fontspring.  Here are a few examples of it in action reimagining vintage railway posters.



A Week of Travel – Day 6

Another visit to Italy today, and a distinct 1950s feel for  today’s poster.  Here we are invited to consider the merits of the Amalfi coast as a holiday destination.  This design showcases our forthcoming ‘Sophie J’ family in its regular and bold forms.  We expect to release this in the next week or so.

A Week of Travel – Day 4

We thought we’d introduce a little irony into today’s travel poster.  Here’s a nice illustration of the joys of an English summer’s day-or at least an English summer’s day as we remember them, perhaps things have changed with global warming…

Anyway – Leibix offers us an antidote to all that gloom in the form of Australian sunshine.  Somehow, this causal fun look seems almost timeless.