A New Departure…

Remember that curious piece of architectural design we posted the other week? It’s moved along now and we can reveal what it is, as well as allowing downloads.  Our designer was a railway modeller from years ago, and had a hankering to design some model kits.  Here’s a first small one, just a hut really, done as a test piece which we’re pleased to make freely available.  All comments and responses gratefully received…

template Download in High Resolution PDF


Just a little bit tipsy…

Here’s a showcase for our Adantine typeface family, currently offered at a discount on Fontspring and Myfonts.  The theme of today’s collectionis a recreation of old-fashioned refined ‘drink’ advertising….(well, ok,maybe not in the case of the ‘Babysham’).

1 2 3


Showcasing Adantine – Part II

Here’s the second part of a showcase of our Adantine typeface family.

Today’s collection includes two travel poster recreations-promoting travel by train to see Canterbury and Chichester.  As ever our favourite Chocolate Ambrosine is presented in the third poster.

Adantine is currently available ate a 40% discount on Myfonts and on Fontspring.

Adantine5 Adantine4 Adantine6



Showcasing Adantine – Part I

Here’s the first part of a showcase of our Adantine typeface family.

Adantine offers the opportunity to bring Victorian inspired Elegance and Character to modern design work. It is inspired by the hand-lettered captions often seen on old sepia-toned postcards, but also has some of the spirit of 19th century advertising cuts. Adantine is offered in regular and text faces, as well as all and small Capitals forms with purpose made swashed capitals, and in a decorative embossed form. There’s a timeless quality to the design of Adantine that allows it to work in modern or period inspired settings.

Adantine is currently available ate a 40% discount on Myfonts and on Fontspring.

Today’s collection has a varied theme, encompassing throat pastilles, our favourite chocolate brand and the lovely city of Bath.

Adantine1 Adantine2 Adantine3

Another Week of Travelling… Part 5

Somehow, air travel seemed far more stylish and yes- pleasant when it took place at a sedate speed on dignified flying boats.  Whatever happened to this civilised age…where did we become so speed obsessed.  Today’s outing with Blout takes us to a more spacious (in all sorts of ways) age, as we are taken out by launch to join our Imperial Airways flying boat.


Worth Valley Steam Gala

We recently happened across the advertisement below, for the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway’s steam gala, which is from the first to the third of March.  This looks a fascinating event, and well worth a visit.  We were also more than pleased to recognise our typeface Stannard No 2 in use.



Another Week of Travelling… Part 4

We continue our journey by train today.  This time we’re travelling through Scotland in the glorious summer of 1937 aboard the wonderful streamlined steam-hauled express, the Coronation Scot.