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Deco Metro is a 1920s and 30s inspired display family, ideal for posters, banners, book covers and other promotional work. Two weights, regular (with an incised centre line) and bold (without the centre line) are offered. The family has an extensive range of features including discretionary ligatures, old-style numerals, Swash Letter and numeral forms, small capitals, Roman numerals and fractions.DecoMetro1DecoMetro4 DecoMetro2 DecoMetro3
DecoMetro5 DecoMetro6


Just Released

Our four latest typeface families have now released on Fontspring and on Myfonts.  Here are a few more sample images displaying Landsdowne Commerical,Wellmere Sans, Friendly Shaded Sans and Trivette.  We know these four projects have taken a while to come to fruition, but we think they are worth the wait.

‘Landsdowne Commercial’ is a development of one of our designer’s earlier public domain releases, ‘Landsdowne’.  All glyphs have been completely redrawn and refined.  An extensive range of stylistic alternates and ligatures have been added, as well as a completely new bold face and several forms of numerals.  Landsdowne commercial is ideal for period-inspired design work, such as posters and book covers as well for clear elegant communications.

Wellmere Sans is humanist a ‘sans serif’ typeface combining distinctive character with easy legibility. The emphasis here is on elegant simplicity and clarity. No alternate forms, no ligatures, just good simple design and elegance giving clarity and ease of communication.  Ideal for timeless presentation of information, signs, posters, computer displays and so forth.

‘Friendly Shaded Sans’ is just what the name says. It’s a chubby and cheerful Sans Serif typeface that is ideal for poster work, headings and informal design generally.

Trivette is an ‘All Capitals’ calligraphic display face, where all upright strokes are rendered as curves and where everything approaching the vertical are rendered in threes.  That’s probably as clear as mud, but the results combine charm and legibility with a decorative period air.  Recommended for poster work where a sense of dignified fun is important.










Ames’ Text…

We’ve designed the Ames’ Text family to complement the recently released Ames’ Roman.  It is specifically designed for clarity on screens and in print at small point sizes.  Here’s a sampling of the nine typefaces which make up the Ames’ Text family:

Ames_Text1-1 Ames_Text1-2 Ames_Text1-3

Meet the Whole Compton Family

Here’s a preview of full Compton family.  Compton, our new slab-serif face will be released shortly, and will be offered in three weights: Regular (which we’ve shown here before), Bold and Light.  Click on the image below to view at a higher resolution.

Cherritt Released


We have just released the Cherritt Family of twenty faces.  Cherritt is the ‘go anywhere’ family-as the selection of images below shows, it can be equally at home captioning a sepia tinted vintage photograph, on the cover of a children’s adventure book, a retro-futuristic design or a travel poster.  Our sample images below give some small idea of this great scope.

We think of Cherritt as a ‘bullnosed’ serif face, because of its rounded off serifs. What that phrase may not convey is the friendly, approachable nature of this large family of faces.

The design was originally inspired by traditional draftsmens’ hand-drawn serif lettering, but has been given a precise geometric flavor that suits it for work owing its inspiration to any era, from Victorian times through to the modern. More…

They are ideal for headings and poster work, but also for setting small volumes of text. Four weights are included in the family, as well as wide, expanded and condensed forms, true small capitals and openface forms.

All family members embody extensive OpenType features.

You can try out Cherritt for yourself on

In the meantime, here are some specimen pages showing all tweny members of the familiy:


Here are some sample images of the Cherritt faces in action.  Click on the thumbnails to see them larger.