Not the Industrial Town (and home of the London & North Western Railway) but the typeface family.

Or, to put it another way, here’s a selection of pieces using or Wolverton typeface family.  I feel there is an Edwardian air to this family of display Roman typefaces.


Wolverton10 Wolverton12 Wolverton9 Wolverton1 Wolverton2 Wolverton3 Wolverton4 Wolverton5 Wolverton6 Wolverton7 Wolverton8

From a ‘Sketch’ to a sketch…

…or, the Perils of not carrying a camera!

We recently saw a shop sign made up of the most wonderful gilt finished decorative Roman lettering.  Just the sort of thing we’d photograph as inspiration for a future typeface.  Just one thing, we didn’t have any sort of camera with us (yes, that is still possible, not everyone carries a mobile phone everywhere…) so we had to resort to more old-fashioned means to capture this wonderful lettering, hence it was out with a handy notepad (not the computer kind, and a handy fine tipped marker pen from the depths of a companions handbag, and the following quick and rather imprecise sketch was produced, while leaning on a bit of railing:

You’ll see that the results were somewhat imprecise, but they were just about good enough to capture the idea.  There’s still a lot of work to do on this project, which we’re going to call Merrivale, but we’ve made a start with some rather more precise sketches of a few letterforms, and we thought the comparison of the two sketches might offer an insight into our design processes:

You’ll see that a few design changes have already been introduced at this stage-the serif on the horizontal bar of the ‘E’ looked better if upright rather than slanted for instance, and we propped the foot of the ‘K’ below the baseline.  We’re also contemplating solid and incised versions of the design.

Watch this space, as ever, for more developments.

Bronzetti’s Letterpress Roman

It’s a while since we’ve released a basic solid Roman type family.  Bronzetti-working sketches appear above-will be a letterpress inspired face that emphasises a sense of openness, space and clarity.  Bronzetti is intended to be particularly suitable for we use and to bring the spirit of traditional typesetting and type design to this modern media.