Flinscher Family Launched on Myfonts

Couldn’t resist that alliterative title!

The Flinscher family contains twenty display typefaces, in weights that vary from light to black, and widths that extend from condensed to expanded. The family’s design inspiration traces its roots to the early portion of the twentieth century.  In essence, it is a calligraphic script typeface family with blackletter influences. The letter forms are decorative and distinctive, yet clear and easy to read, and in use set up a regular rhythm that leads the eye from character to character.  The Flinscher typefaces are well suited to design work that needs to combine formality with fun.  Just the thing for a certificate or a book cover!

Why not experiment with it today?

Flinscher_Gallery18 Flinscher_Gallery19 Flinscher_Gallery20

Progress on Flinscher

Here’s the latest progress on our Flinscher family, something of a hybrid between a script design and a black letter design.  We’re not sure if there is a great deal of academic justification for this sort of hybrid, except for experiments along similar lines in 19th century type founders catalogues, but we do find the results jolly pleasing.  More, of course, to follow.

Flinscher-2 Flinscher-3 Flinscher-4 Flinscher-5 Flinscher-6