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Deco Metro is a 1920s and 30s inspired display family, ideal for posters, banners, book covers and other promotional work. Two weights, regular (with an incised centre line) and bold (without the centre line) are offered. The family has an extensive range of features including discretionary ligatures, old-style numerals, Swash Letter and numeral forms, small capitals, Roman numerals and fractions.DecoMetro1DecoMetro4 DecoMetro2 DecoMetro3
DecoMetro5 DecoMetro6


A Fun Idea…


I’ve been having great fun devising these capitals, which are the start of Zanderley, a 1920’s American display typeface.  There’s a certain slight lack of family harmony amongst them, but that is a deliberate reflection of the hand-drawn sources that these were somewhat inspired from, and in a strange sort of way adds something.  More to follow…


Six of the Best…

Our Beeching family is designed specifically for use in making clear and legible signage.  There are six typefaces in the family, all available for download and purchase right now.

Beeching is a family of six typefaces designed to combine extreme legibility with a hint of retrospective character. It is inspired by the lettering used in the Leslie Green designed stations of the London Underground and is as up to date today as it was the day those stations opened. The Beeching faces (Regular, Bold, Small Capitals, Small Capitals Bold, Shadowed and Small Capitals Shadowed) are ideal for use in large scale signage that needs to be seen over long distances. We feel the family provides a clear demonstration that traditional details, such as serifs and ligatures serve to enhance legibility.

Beeching_Poster1 Beeching_Poster2 Beeching_Poster3 Beeching_Poster4 Beeching_Poster5 Beeching_Poster6