Something More Dignified…

Here are some more test pieces in the form of motor-car advertisements.  We thought after the last one we’d better post something more dignified.  Why this sort of Rover-well, the truth is we always rather thought we’d like to own one…

Here’s the Dear old ‘Auntie’ Rover (P4 to the technically minded) in the form of a 105R (an early automatic) shown off nicely by members of the Paragon family.

And here’s one generation earlier, the P3, this time shown off nicely by the Corton and Corsham typeface families.

Expanded Availability

Readers might have noticed that our Monotype based reselling sites (, and have been lagging behind in terms of release of the latest of our latest families for a while.  Entirely our fault in not getting around to sending designs through to them of course, but we’ve now made good most of this lag with 25 families launched through these three sites.  The slideshow below presents a catalogue of these new launches:

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