A Sighting in the Wild

I think this was published a couple of years ago, but we were pleased recently to see ‘Vectis’ in use on the cover of Jim Butcher’s “The Aeronaut’s Windlass”.  Must admit I’m not entirely sure what an Aeronaut does or where the windlass comes into it, but it is an impressively dramatic looking cover…


The House in France

Though it was published a little while ago, and we missed it at the time we were pleased to see this rather splendid dust-jacket just recently. The hardback edition of Gully Wells’ ‘The House in France‘ (Bloomsbury, 2011) makes use of our Vectis family of typefaces.  Three members of the family are used here, the Book title being set in Vectis Bold, and other text using Vectis condensed and Regular.  The title also nicely shows off several of Vectis’ Opentype features.

Purely coincidentally, Vectis can currently be purchased at a 40% discount on Myfonts.com, but this offer now only has two days to run, so be quick!

House in France