The Millerstown Typefaces


Millerstown is full of that solid, 19th Century, transatlantic spirit of enterprise. It is an all capitals face, decorative but clear and legible, ideal for signage, posters and banners.

Millerstown_Poster_5Millerstown_Gallery_3Millerstown_Gallery_2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMillerstown_Poster_3Millerstown_Gallery_1Millerstown_Races_Gallery_3OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOld_Millerstown_Gallery_2Old_Millerstown_Gallery_1


Athabasca is ‘Wild West’ Tuscan on steroids. Remember those stylised tall and narrow typefaces that used to appear in Wild West comics, Western movies, ‘Wanted’ posters and so forth?

Athabasca_Poster_5Athabasca_Gallery_4Athabasca_Poster_4Athabasca_Poster_1Athabasca_Poster_3large old paper or parchment background textureAthabasca_Gallery_2Athabasca_Poster_2Athabasca_Gallery_1

For that weathered look…


Saspirillo Fizz has been put through our (not quite) patented ‘fizzing’ process, in order to give it that weathered look of heavily used type.

Sasparillo_Fizz_Poster5Sasparillo_Fizz_Poster4OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASasparillo_Fizz_Poster2

Work Finished on a Range of Tuscan Typefaces…

… and here’s one of them.

We really went all out on this one – Sasparillo is an ‘extreme’ Tuscan face, with reversed emphasis, by which we mean the horizontals are far heavier than the verticals.

Sasparillo_Poster1Sasparillo_Gallery3Sasparillo_Poster2Sasparillo_Gallery2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASasparillo_Gallery1Sasparillo_Poster5Sasparillo_Poster4

A Fourth of July Surprise

Our American clients are currently some of our best typeface customers, so we’v put together a 4th of July surprise in their honour (or is that honor?)…

The Tuscaloosa family, a splendid new ‘Wild Wet’ Tuscan family of three faces, will be dispatched to our resellers in the next day or so.  Once it is… ‘enjoy’!

To see this at a higher resolution, click on the banner above.


Here are some sketches that might become a forthcoming release.  We were looking through a pile of old printers specimens of Tuscan typefaces, and we started wondering what an Ultra-Tuscan face, with all the features of Tuscan typefaces-bifurcated fractals, tapering verticals and broken horizontals for instance- exaggerated to the bounds of good taste might look like. After some messing around with the idea here’s some of what we came up with:

One thing we’ve still got to decide though.. Our initial thought in naming this one was something in our usual, unashamedly Anglophile and sightly dated way, as “Ecclesham”.  alternatively, perhaps we should just call it what it is- “Ultra Tuscan”…  We’d be pleased to hear opinions on this one, so do let us know?

Portello and Paget Released

Portello and Paget have now been released through Fontspring and Myfonts.


Portello is a display family in the tradition of Tuscan advertising and display faces.  It’s a family of three ‘all capital’ faces.  A perpendicular regular form is offered, along with an italic form (a true italic – with purpose designed glyphs-NOT merely an oblique) and a basic form for small text – which dispenses with the family’s characteristic outlined look.  It offers the spirit of the Victorian era with ready and distinctive legibility.  It’s ideal for poster work, especially at large sizes, and for signage with a period flair.  Why not give your work the flair of colourful 19th century commercial design today?

Paget is a modern exploration of Tuscan design.  Here you’ll find simple geometric outlines with an ‘Arts and Craft’ charm about them.  Paget is beautifully clear and easy to read, but offers a distinctive charm that conventional sans serif and serif faces don’t.  Paget is offered in regular and oblique forms and is an ideal way to merge tradition and all that is new and fresh in your designs.