Also Releasing Soon…

As promised a few days ago, here’s a preview of our other imminent release.  We’ve been contemplating some more ‘casual’ typeface designs for a while, and ‘Albion’s Marker No.1’ represents the first of them.


Think of Schoolboys trying to print ‘smartly’ in their exercise books.  Think of the rough sketches of conceptual design, which can have more ‘charm’ than the finished product.  Think of the charm of authentic hand lettering.  All of those tropes are embodies in Albion’s Marker No.1.Albion's_Marker_No.1-Gallery2

Just About Finished…..Lavery

One of our clients told us they had a project in which they particularly wanted to use our forthcoming Lavery typeface, but that they needed it in a hurry.  Thus all our available time lately has gone into getting this project finished off.

Lavery is a display face with calligraphic design elements lending a lovely hand-drawn feel.  There are uncial and Celtic elements in its design, plus a good dose of our own imagination.  It incorporates an extensive range of ligatures and old-style as well as lining numerals.

Now to get back to ‘Henrecian’ and other projects that we have on the go, including Fanshawe…


Showcasing Bertoni

Bertoni is a high contrast Didone family of twenty faces, which combines extreme legibility with distinctive character.  It is able to hold its own in modern usage while having features rooted in a deep period charm.  The family includes two widths as well as two weights.  Bertoni regular, bold and wide are small capitals faces ideal for posters, book covers, packaging and signage.  The text faces are body faces which form the ideal accompaniment.  For more distinctive features, the Title, Capitals (all capitals, but in two forms) and Flamboyant faces are ideal.  Bertoni offers a blend of the modern with classical revivalist charm which makes it up to the minute and never out of place.  The family is extensive enough to form the foundation of a commercial house style, but can also lend an element of character in single usage.

Bertoni is currently offered at a 35% discount on Myfonts.