Wonderfully Inspirational…

It’s remarkable where you can pick up inspirational examples of typography.  He’s the front cover of an issue of the (sadly defunct) ‘Illustrated London News’ which we stumbled across in a local second hand bookshop.


Several interesting thoughts which might contribute their own bit to the evolution of future designs are suggested here. Somehow I doubt the cover of a modern magazine would be so inspirational- and not only because modern publishers wouldn’t fill the front cover with a grid of small advertisements!


A Whole Advertising Campaign Using the ‘Bromwich’ Typeface Family…

I was quite surprised a few days ago to see lettering in Bromwich, writ large on the side of a ‘bus. It was on a modern advertising vinyl, occupying the full side of the bus, promoting Bickford and Sons  range of drink mixers.  The bus was awkwardly placed and in motion, ruling out the possibility of a photograph, but it turns out that Bickford and Sons of South Australia make extensive use of Bromwich on their website and indeed on their bottle labels as well.  All rather pleasing!