New on Fontspring

Our three latest completed projects, Greene and Hollins, Henry VII, and Uncia Black have just released on Fontspring.  We thought it would be an interesting comparison to use each of them in turn in the same poster design, to see how each in turn ‘works’.

In fact, we find that, at lest in this particular application, they all have a certain appeal.  There again, maybe we’re just seeing things through our own eyes.  It is with noting that the typesetting in each case is tailored to take advantage of the particular attributes in each case- wider tracking for Uncia Black in the word ‘Peterborough’, the word ‘Travel’ is set slightly off-centre in the presentation of ‘Peterborough’ (and two typefaces from the family are employed for a subtle colour effect) whilst ‘PETERBOROUGH’ is set all in capitals in using ‘Henry VII’.


3_1 3_2

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Just for a Change

One of our chief designer’s hobbies is painting, mainly of steam powered transport subjects, some of which we’ve occasionally used to make samplers of our new faces.  We thought you might like a glace at his latest completed work, so here it is…

You can view some of his other work here.