Belhampton – A Family of Six Faces

Yesterday we announced the name of our forthcoming Belhampton family, a display family in the best traditions of our popular ‘Birmingham New Street’, Bromwich and Wolverhampton families.  We’re now pleased to be able to show the six typefaces which will make up the family:

Belhampton_Poster2 Belhampton_Poster5 Belhampton_Poster7 Belhampton_Poster6 Belhampton_Poster4 Belhampton_Poster3

Just Wait ’til You See The Capitals…

It’s become a bit of a tradition at Greater Albion to bring out a Blackletter typeface in time for Christmas (not to say we never release them at other points in the year).  Regular readers might remember that last year’s was ‘Albion’s White Christmas’, a slightly humourous snow capped Blackletter.  This year’s project has been developing in the background for some time and should release in the next couple of weeks.  It will be called Beckinslade.  Here’s a first preview, of the lower case letter forms.  Over the next few days we’ll start to preview the Capital letters.

Evolution of an Idea….

Regular readers may remember that a little while ago (May 6th to be precise) we posted a somewhat adventurous idea for a new banner typeface, ‘Bettendorf’.   Here’s a sketch we posted at the time:

Well, we’ve been ruminating and refining this idea for a month or so now (almost to the day in fact) and it has now become somewhat more refined-even to the spelling of the name (it just seemed better this way to us)!  So, without further ado, here’s a preview of our latest development of ‘Bettendorff’. Altogether more pleasing now we think, though there’s still a good deal to do:

We particularly enjoy working on these types of font, which take conventional computer fon technology into the realms normally restricted to traditional metal typefaces.  If nothing else we want to prove that the traditional banner and cartouche faces are not dead and that typeface designs like this still offer something that can’t simply be replaced with a computer drawing package.