Amersham and Royalty…

A somewhat ‘Royalty-Inspired’ exploration of the Amersham typeface family.  Actually, it all started with re-creating a traditional English pub sign– ‘The King’s Head’ and I rather got carried away…

Amersham1 Amersham2 Amersham3Amersham4

Diesel Days

Regular readers here will have seen previous poster designs in which the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway makes extensive use of Greater Albion’s “Stannard” typeface family.  A rather appropriate choice in our opinion – Stannard having originally been inspired by the styles of lettering favoured by manufacturers of tinplate toy trains for their catalogues and box lids.

Here’s one of their latest posters, promoting their Diesel Gala in early June:


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Greene and Hollins… Or the joys of illogical naming!

Regular readers won’t have heard the name ‘Greene and Hollins’ before.  On the other hand, you might remember some discussion of “Green’s Almanac”… a name we really weren’t happy with.  Things have moved on with this project since, aside from the new name, and it should be ready for release in the next few weeks.

What’s so illogical about the name?  Simply that it bears no relationship with the design itself, but relives a happy childhood memory of mine.  Greene and Hollins of Wolverhampton were a rather smart gentleman’s outfitter, much frequented by my late grandfather and altogether redolent (in memory and actuality) of a bygone age of retail service and respect.  I believe they’re out of business now, but we’re rather pleased to offer them this very small if rather random memorial.  Here’s a sampling of Greene and Hollins (the typeface) in a wholly fictitious garment label.

We will post a sampling of the whole typeface family in the next few days.


Greene and Hollins No1



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Well, It’s Mock Tudor…

Taking our creative license well and truly in hand, we’ve progressed our Henry VIII project significantly.  Still a lot of work to do of course, but there’s now a full set of rather charming (I think), but entirely fabricated, lower case letter forms.  The text used here, solely for illustrative purposes, is with due acknowledgement to ‘Wikipedia’…

Henry VII_Gallery1

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Capital Fun

Here are some designs using Capital Letter Forms from our ‘Bourne Rounded’ typeface.  They all have a damp foggy theme about them, rather reminiscent of the view through our window today, as well as a London theme, which is not so reflective of anything outside our windows…. anyway, button up your overcoat, pop up that umbrella and enjoy them!