The Emmet and Heath Robinson Railway Company.

A rather flamboyant sketch, entirely from imagination, but inspired by the art of Messrs Roland Emmett and William Heath Robinson. The odd thing is that nonsense like this from imagination takes a really long time to do – over two weeks of drawing time went in to this.

Westward Ho!

Great Western Railway ‘Saint’ Class Express locomotive, No.171 ‘Albion’ sets out for the west country, circa 1912.  THis is another exploration of the use of the iPad Pro as a tool for ‘serious’ illustration.
Alright, I know it’s not a font, but great fun to do, and it probably will appear in future type specimens…

Two VERY Advanced Previews

We thought people might be interested to see the earliest stages of our design process…more a thought process at this stage maybe, so here are some preliminary sketches for a couple of ideas we’re toying with.

Our preferred medium of working in these early stages is an artist’s sketch pencil with heavy 5.5mm lead (yes that’s 5.5mm not 0.5mm!), especially our favourite one…a MontBlanc ‘Masterpiece’ Leonardo sketch ‘pen’.  No relation except as a satisfied customer.  This lets us try ideas out with great freedom of expression and not get caught up over precise details -as you’ll see below-they can come later!

First we have some thoughts on a formal but playful Roman display face-sort of Roman meets scrollwork.  You’ll see a few alternate thoughts built into this one at this stage:

Here we have some thoughts non a chubby, fun, sans serif-still lots of work to do: