Artwork Updates…

All things evolve and change over time, or at least all man made things do.  Some of our typeface families have been available on Myfonts (the first of our resellers) for a few years now.  In that time Myfonts ability to show higher resolution graphics has expanded somewhat.  Accordingly, we’re slowly updating and adding new specimens to our typeface collection.  Here’s the newly created artwork for our Granville family…

GP1 GP2 GP3 GP4 GP5 G1 G2


Remember that model building kit we posted on here a little while ago?  We’ve refined and improved it somewhat now, so here’s the updated version, along with a downloadable pdf here.  We also managed to work our “Thurbrooke” release into the artwork! 🙂

Goods Office v2-1 Goods Office v2-2 Goods Office v2-3 Goods Office v2-4

what Are We Up To?

We’ve been pretty quiet on here for the last week or so, but that’s we’re working on a couple of particular projects.  One is Thoroughbrooke, which we’ve already previewed on here.  The other is…something completely different.  We’re not going to say jut what yet, but we will post a small preview and see if anyone can guess.  any ideas (see below)?


New Gallery – Families in Harmony

We’ve just posted a new gallery of posters which explore the use two (or more) typeface families in concert to create harmonious designs.  We’ve taken a wide range of themes for these designs including travel, railways, toys, poetry, cars and (everyone’s favourite) chocolate.  You can view the new gallery page here, or by clicking on the sample images below.