Halliwell Casual in Action

Halliwell Casual is a hand lettered all capitals script, combining charm and character with legibility. Ideal for poster work and eye-catching banners. Try a little casual and timeless elegance.

Learning a New Editor…

For some time Greater Albion (i.e. me) has used a mixture of “Glyphs” and “Fontlab Studio 5” for font creation. Now I’ve taken the plunge and purchased a license for Fontlab VI. I think it’s going to be very powerful – in some ways it seems like a completely new editor, rather than an upgrade of Fontlab Studio – but there are always those ‘little’ things it takes you ages to work out how to do.

Still we’re getting there, meanwhile, here’s progress to date on the first project in this new editor:

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 8.25.05 pm

Forthcoming Releases I – Joyvrie

We’ve previewed aspects of our Joyvrie project here previously.  If our readers remember, this design is inspired by some rather appealing lettering on a Grocer’s blackboard.  It’s now nearing release, so here’s a sampling of Joyvrie in action:

Joyvrie_Gallery1 Joyvrie_Gallery2 Joyvrie_Gallery3 Joyvrie_Gallery4 Joyvrie_Gallery5 Joyvrie_Gallery6Joyvrie_Gallery7Joyvrie_Gallery8


Delightfully Irregular

Here are some previews of a forthcoming release we’ve not disclosed before – Turvy Topsy – all the fun of delightful hand-drawn irregularity, captured in a typeface.  Designing this was a wonderful exercise in ignoring all the rules of precise geometric construction to which we normally work.  These irregular forms somehow achieve a delightful character & legibility all of their own…

TurvyTopsy_Gallery1 TurvyTopsy_Gallery2 TurvyTopsy_Gallery3 TurvyTopsy_Gallery4

Amie Now Released on Myfonts

Amie is a friendly Sans Serif display face, with a hint of hand drawn flair.  Ideal for poster work, album covers, book covers and for bringing an element of friendly style anywhere.
Amie is available here on Myfonts

A Name Found….

Thanks to regular reader here, Fred Stevens, a name has been found for our ‘marker pen’ project.  Fred suggested a nice friendly name, Amy, which we thought was wonderfully appropriate.  Unluckily, there is already an Amy typeface out there, so we went eve so slightly French with the spelling, and came up with Amie.  Aime will be ready to send off to our resellers so, so here’s a preview of it: