Adantine Revisted…


Adantine offers the opportunity to bring Victorian Elegance and Character to modern design work. It is inspired by the hand-lettered captions often seen on old sepia-toned postcards, but also distilles some of its spirit from 19th century advertising cuts. Adantine is offered in regular and text faces, as well as all and small Capitals forms with purpose made swashed capitals, and in a decorative embossed form. It can be used to set small amounts of text, as well as for headings and display purposes. Adantine offers the chance to bring steam-age elegance to present day design projects.
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The Elegance of Simplicity

Glossy paper, colour reproduction and photography on every page are fast becoming ubiquitous amongst magazines these days- at least to the extent that magazines are still published on paper at all!

Notwithstanding modern trends and technology, there is still a simple elegance in design work which is utilises a strictly limited colour palette (say four colours or less, one of them being provided by the paper and another almost always being back) and relatively straightforward graphic elements.

This elegance is exemplified by this small selection of covers from that August publication “The National Geographic Magazine“, kindly made available by .  They also provide an interesting study in the evolution of a design idea over time.

Showcasing Bertoni – Part 2

Here’s the second part of a showcase for our 20 member Bertoni typeface family. Today, we’ve done something a little different and started with an illustration of the classic red phonebox, where we’ve made a subtle alteration.  We do think the ‘Bertoni’ telephone sign rather suits the style of this K2 box….

Thereafter, we go traveling by steam-train.  Enjoy the trip!

Bertoni is currently offered at a 40% discount on Myfonts and Fontspring.

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Joyfully Stylish

Here’s a small selection of re-imagined period artwork, stylish images which are ideal to show of out flamboyant (and suitably flamboyantly named, we think) Wellingborough typeface family.

We have taken something of a couture theme with this selection of artwork today, whether it be the House of Elliott’s (remember that, anyone?) summer day collection, a glove manufacturer, or the seaside …

Elliott Glover mcCalls Weston