Wonderfully Inspirational…

It’s remarkable where you can pick up inspirational examples of typography.  He’s the front cover of an issue of the (sadly defunct) ‘Illustrated London News’ which we stumbled across in a local second hand bookshop.


Several interesting thoughts which might contribute their own bit to the evolution of future designs are suggested here. Somehow I doubt the cover of a modern magazine would be so inspirational- and not only because modern publishers wouldn’t fill the front cover with a grid of small advertisements!


From Studio Handbook Lettering by “Welo” – 4

A final (for now) dip into ‘Welo’ today.  I’m not quite sure how I’d categorise this typeface, except to say ‘Decorative’ and something I definitely must explore further….


photo 2

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From Studio Handbook Lettering by “Welo” – 3

Three in one today, as we showcase a page of “Studio Handbook Lettering” with a distinct Art Deco theme.  There are certainly a few notions of Art Deco geometric simplicity pushed to the extreme here- perhaps a little too much so for use in practice, but food for thought certainly…

photo 6

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From Studio Handbook Lettering by “Welo” – 2

There’s something about this bold display Roman which puts me in mind of the lettering used on American share scrip from the days prior to computerised stock trading.  Somehow life seems the poorer for the loss of all those beautiful examples of the engraver’s art.  Meanwhile, this typeface, with its cutaway ‘corners’ has a distinct appeal.

photo 1

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