Adantine Revisted…


Adantine offers the opportunity to bring Victorian Elegance and Character to modern design work. It is inspired by the hand-lettered captions often seen on old sepia-toned postcards, but also distilles some of its spirit from 19th century advertising cuts. Adantine is offered in regular and text faces, as well as all and small Capitals forms with purpose made swashed capitals, and in a decorative embossed form. It can be used to set small amounts of text, as well as for headings and display purposes. Adantine offers the chance to bring steam-age elegance to present day design projects.
Adantine7 Adantine8 Adantine9 Adantine10 Adantine11 Adantine12 Adantine1 Adantine2 Adantine3 Adantine4 Adantine6 Adantine_Gallery_1 Adantine_Gallery_2 Adantine_Gallery_3 Adantine_Gallery_4 Adantine_Gallery_5

Four Families in Harmony…

Our Bonning, Bonnington, BonaVia and Bonaventure typeface families were designed with a 1920’s display Roman feel, and deliberately designed to complement each other in use.  Here are two pieces of design work, both of which employ all four of these families, along with simple geometric borders and solid colours to (we think) a charming effect.

Harmony2 Harmony1

It’s That Building Kit Again….

Here’s that other little project of ours again, now in a range of different finishes.  Meanwhile, we’ll put more time into type founding again soon, we promise!

Examples of the first page of each are shown below and the pdf’s are here:  red brick, yellow brick, stone, Cotswold stone.

Goods Office Yellow Brick-1 Goods Office Stone-1 Goods Office Cotswold Stone-1 Goods Office Red Brick-1

Thurbrooke Launches

Our Thurbrooke Family has now launched on Myfonts and on Fontspring.

Thurbrooke is an early 20th century inspired display family, offering two sizes of Roman capitals.  Five typefaces are offered in the Thurbrooke family.  The Regular face is shaded in horizontally engraved lines and suggests something of vintage advertising captions.  A reversed ‘Reverso’ face, transposing black and white space is offered, as is a ‘Black’ face with solid letterforms.  The remaining two faces are a bit more specialised.  Thurbrooke ‘Banner’ is the latest in our popular line of masthead or cartouche faces-very impressive for banner headings.  Thurbrooke Initials is a set of initial capitals, which blend in perfectly with Thurbrooke Reverso, or which also make splendid drop capitals.  Why not explore some (or all) of the elements of the Thurbrooke family today, and introduce some early 20th century inspired colour to your work?

Thurbrooke_Gallery17 Thurbrooke_Gallery18