Coming Soon…. Alfrine

Alfrine is a project we’ve had ‘on the back burner’ for quite some time, though we don’t think we’ve presented it here before. In one of those periodic burst of energy that tends to characterise our operations…or is that periodic busts of time left by our day jobs(?) it’s finally getting near completion.

So, introducing ‘Alfrine’ an oblique San face (two faces actually) with  delightful feeling of energy and motion about them.  Alfrine includes an extensive range of ligatures and works well when used for ‘all-caps’ lettering.

Alfrine_Gallery1 Alfrine_Gallery2 Alfrine_Gallery3 Alfrine_Gallery4

Two New Releases on Fontspring

Our two latest releases have just launched on Fontspring.

Bluebottle is a lively fun family of typefaces, a boisterous fun design, Bluebottle brings a distinctive cheerful character where ever it’s used. Use Bluebottle to bring life and fun wherever you will.

Solidarius is a chubby, friendly typeface which captures the innate legibility of well done felt-tip marker lettering. It’s ideal for any poster needing that ‘hand-lettered’ look combined with optimum legibility.


Two New Releases on Fontspring

Albia Nova is a bit of a new departure for Greater Albion-an unashamedly futuristic typeface. It was originally developed for a friend of ours-a set designed who needed some lettering on props for a science fiction play-the brief was to evolve conventional letter forms and speculate as to what they may look like in the future. As released Albia Nova is a more refined version of this idea, placing a bit more emphasis on readability (today) over evolution of the letterforms. The result is good for giving design projects a futuristic feel, but also has something of the 1970s and 1980s about it.

Leibix, inspired by a jolly trademark of the past, is a fun family of five typefaces which transcends different eras of the past. It has elements of the 1920s in its design, but is equally at home with projects having a 1970s theme of an up to the minute modern one. Use it for eye catching cartoon captions, in posters of anywhere else a casual impact is required.

Introductory Offer on Haymer

For a short time we’re offering Haymer at a 35% discount on  Click on the banner to try it out.

Haymer Now Released on

Here’s a bit of fun illustrating Haymer in action-the new model Morris Minor for 2010.  The full Haymer family of 18 faces is now also available through  The family includes one free fully licensed face, Haymer Petite Capitals light.

First Release of Haymer

Haymer has now been released on Fontspring in Opentype format and for on-line use.   Haymer stands at the apogee of legibility and clarity. Its design embodies symmetry, even stroke widths and a subtle rounded quality to give an instinctive appeal to the reader and to the designer. Haymer is modern yet characterful and is ideal for use as a text family, online and wherever instant easy readability is required.  An extensive family is offered, in four weights, regular and condensed widths, Lower case and capitals (small and petite) forms as well as display ‘Inline’ faces.

Release on is also imminent, where the full Haymer family of eighteen faces will be offered in truetype and opentype formats.  Meanwhile here are a few more views of Haymer in action.