Digital Art – By Traditional Working Methods

In amongst my front work some of my time is taken up with other projects… Here’s a digital painting which is under way (using Apple Pencil and iPad Pro. The Three Duchesses will show three of Sir William Stanier’s Duchess locos in steam but on shed.

The first step was a ‘pencil’ sketch:

2018-05-09 21.59.11

This was very much like working in traditional pencil… except for the remarkable ability to cut and paste.  Quite a time saving, but not something to be utilised in the finished painting I think…


Here’s progress to date on turning the sketch into a ‘painting’. This is all happening in ‘Sketch Club’, and painting is using a mix of a pencil tool and a ‘watercolour’ brush, you can have all sorts of ‘mixed media’ combinations in these drawing applications.  The effects are shown well in the detail below:

IMG_2673 2

More updates to follow, as things progress!


Simply Splendid

I recently happened across a few random issues of the “London Mystery Magazine” (later “London Mystery Selection”). Interestingly, these covers seem to be a mixture of UK and US editions of the same title.


Apart from being a jolly good read, I have a certain admiration for the rather splendidly designed covers. These issues are from the 1950sand 1960s, so they were perhaps a little ‘old fashioned’ even at the time.  That said, they are now, and I suspect were when published, undeniably eye-catching.


That said, they are now, and I suspect were when published, undeniably eye-catching. To me, they demonstrate that good design can easily supplant today’s glossy photographic covers and perhaps they demonstrate that being a little ‘out of time’ can actually make a piece of design more eye-catching.


Just a thought!