The Emmet and Heath Robinson Railway Company.

A rather flamboyant sketch, entirely from imagination, but inspired by the art of Messrs Roland Emmett and William Heath Robinson. The odd thing is that nonsense like this from imagination takes a really long time to do – over two weeks of drawing time went in to this.


We’ve done some more work on Chubbly (thanks to Fred Stevens for the name), which has grown from an alphabet for a children’s book to a family of four typefaces…. regular, bold, italic and bold italic.  Here it is in action in its present form – we’ll be releasing this fairly soon.

Somehow, these chubby friendly characters seem to lend themselves to advertising sweets (no, we don’t have an entirely one track mind…) so here we are, boiled sweets and licorice allsorts:

Here’s another test piece, more mundane, but perhaps giving a broader coverage of the Chubbly family.  Time for the printers dog Latin:

For Easy Reading…

We’ve been doing some more work on the design for an easily read typeface for a children’s book that an associate of our suggested.  At this stage we also tend to think that we’ll market this typeface generally, but that leads us to the age old question… any ideas for a name anyone?

Meanwhile, we do like these big, chubby, friendly characters.

Further Developments… & a Challenge

Remeber those two initial sketches we publishing a week or so or go?  Here’s one of them to remind you:

We’ve been developing this idea for some 1920’s inspired ‘fun’ letterforms a little further and we thought the following sampler, illustrating a complete alphabet in capitals might be of interest. 

We think this gives a nice illustration of our design philosophy and how our designs take shape, from paper and pencil (we favour those chunky sketch pencils which take 5mm-no not 0.5mm- lead) to computer screen to test documents and on to a completed font.

Here’s a challenge for our readers-we’re thinking of calling this one Leibix.  The name has a particular derivation-but can anyone guess what it is?  One clue-think of trademarks of the past and a well known stock cube that is no longer a cube.

Three New Releases

Bertoni, “Pardon Me Boy!” and Woodruff -already previewed on our blog- have now been released on