The Emmet and Heath Robinson Railway Company.

A rather flamboyant sketch, entirely from imagination, but inspired by the art of Messrs Roland Emmett and William Heath Robinson. The odd thing is that nonsense like this from imagination takes a really long time to do – over two weeks of drawing time went in to this.

New Releases – 2

Milligan has just launched on Myfonts and Fontspring:

Milligan is named in honour of the late Spike Milligan, a wonderful comedian who (amongst many other things) wrote and start in the Goon Show.  It’s a jolly, boisterous display Roman which can bring a sense of liveliness and fun to any project where it’s used.

‘Dem Bones

Our current ongoing projects Wolverhampton, Ecclesham and Bettendorf have been slightly delayed this last week, as we had to turn our attention to a special rush commission for one of our more regular clients (ever thought of commissioning a typeface for your exclusive use?) but we’re turning our attention back to Wolerhampton, which is shaping up as the first cab off the rank, now, and we expect to have more news of this and the others shortly.

Meanwhile, we thought this sketch of an idea we had for the first in a series of novelty fonts might amuse.  Anyone for a truly skeletal typeface?