Par Avion Re-Worked…

Par Avion’s design draws something of itís inspiration from the old BSA Motorcycles logo and was developed in parallel with our Vinea typeface family.  ‘Par Avion’ means ‘By Air’ – remember those little blue stickers in the Post Office. We think this typeface design has a lovely feel of the early jet-era about it.

We’ve now added a second typeface to the Par Avion family, ‘Par Avion II’ which incorporates lower case letter forms.  Here are some test pieces which show ‘Par Avion’ and ‘Par Avion II’ in action…

Par Avion II Gallery1 Par Avion II Gallery2 Par Avion II Gallery3 Par Avion II Gallery4 Par Avion II Gallery5 Par Avion II Gallery6 Par Avion II Gallery7 Par Avion II Gallery8

Speeding With ‘Par Avion’

One of our forthcoming projects is (at least for the moment) dubbed ‘Par Avion II’ and will consist in large measure of adding lower case letterforms to the original ‘Par Avion’ design.  This was suggested by Ian Reid, regular reader and commenter here- thank you Ian!  In the meantime, here are some posters employing the original design…

Streamline1 Streamline2 Streamline3 Streamline4 Streamline5 Streamline6 Streamline7 Streamline8

Lanvier Releases

The Lanvier family is also now launched through Fontspring and Myfonts.

Lanvier is an all capital display face, inspired by the thirties streamline era look.  The family is offered in four style, Regular, Oblique, Double Oblique and Reverse Oblique, as well as two weights, Regular and bold.  Bring the thirties back to life in all their chromium plated, streamlined and fast moving glory with the Lanvier family.

Lanvier3 Lanvier2